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Neurosurgical Treatments for Psychiatric Disorders Summit 2019

Release date:2020-03-12 Publisher:SceneRay


For patients with psychiatric illnesses remaining refractory to standard therapies, neurosurgical procedures may be considered. Guidelines for safe and ethical conduct of such procedures have previously and independently been proposed by various local and regional expert groups.

In face of increasing number of scientific evidences emerging, to promote the communication between local psychiatrists and neurosurgeons, the World Society Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery Psychiatric Neurosurgery Task Force is organizing the “Neurosurgical treatment for psychiatric disorders summit 2019”, to be held on 9th-10th November in the Shanghai International Convention Center.

The pioneers and the most active international researchers will present their experience, as well as local Chinese psychiatrists. Simultaneous translation will be provided.


SceneRay, as golden sponsor, attends this outstanding meeting and depending on innovative technology in DBS field, leaves a deep impression for the globally renowned functional neurosurgeons and psychiatrists.


Dr Christelle Baunez and Dr Juan A. Barcia are talking about SceneRay’s New Clinical Research about Preventing Addiction Multi-relapse by Combined Stimulation DBS.

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